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The Fire Hose

Yesterday officially marked the three week point since being hired at Mozilla to be the new content editor for the User Engagement Group.

I have two thoughts about this:

  1. “Has it been three weeks already?’
  2. “Holy Cow! It’s been three weeks already!”

Here in Mozilla-land, they call the orientation period “Drinking from the Fire Hose.” It’s an apt description, if you think really hard about it. A fire hose gushes massive amounts of water in an intense spray – the force of which causes the hose to thrash about. Add to that the thought of drinking from such a manic item. Yeah, that’s pretty much what it feels like.

Though the hose will cease to thrash about if strong, skilled hands hold on tight as the water rushes out. Thank goodness I have a team of strong, skilled hands to hold onto the hose as I try to drink from the cold, Mozilla awesomeness. It’s still spraying me in the face, but at least it’s being splashed in the right direction.

Despite the cutesy phrase that Mozilla uses to define the orientation process, starting here hasn’t been as bad as some companies I’ve worked with. I had a computer on day 1 (a nice little MacBook Air, thank you very much.) I also had an email address and access to almost all  of the tools. IN MY FIRST WEEK!

Now, by week three, the spray of water has mellowed down to a steady stream. In the next few weeks, I’m guessing that it will fizzle down to a steady drip, drip, drip.

Come on in, the water’s tasty. 🙂